Throughout the years AMF Watches has developed a wide collection of high-quality watch straps, at very attractive prices. Direct imports under our own label, hand-made watch straps of real leather and 100% anti- allergic.

In addition we can also offer metal flexible straps, chain straps and leather look straps, of course at very economic prices thanks to our direct import operations. We also have push pins and tools for shortening straps.

Watch straps for women and men

In watch straps there is not a clear distinction between women’s watch straps and men’s watch straps, although in general the somewhat thicker sports straps are usually applied for men’s watches.

It is important however that you choose the right size and that the strap is of high quality, because nobody wants to lose his/her nice watch. And we can offer these high-quality straps at very attractive prices, so do not hesitate to drop by!

We are always at your disposal to give you any information you may need. In addition, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom where all our products are kept in stock, so that you can check it out for yourself. Bear in mind the opening hours of our company, or just call to make an appointment.

Purchasing products from us?
We exclusively sell to merchants such as: wholesalers, shop owners, jewellers, itinerant traders etc. So do not hesitate to apply for an account, without any obligations.